Mr. Puylaert 1995 yılından beri osteopathy eğitimleri vermektedir. OSD’nin (Osteopathy School of Deutschland) visceral eğitim departmanın sorumlusudur.

Yazmış Olduğu Kitaplar;
Leitfaden Viszerale Osteopathie (Elsevier, 2005),
Leitfaden Osteopathie (Elsevier, 2009),
Guidelines to Visceral Osteopathy
(Michel Puylaert , T. Liem and al. / Elsevier, 2014),
Fascia in the Osteopathic Field
(A. Chila, P. Tozzi, M. Puylaert and al. / Handspring, 2016)

Aldığı Eğitimler;

2016 Lectures on visceral osteopathy at the EmMED (Torun, Poland).

Lectures on integrated osteopathy at the Liveandlearn (Perth,  Australia).

2012 – 2015 Training in mesotherapy inter alia with Dr. Knoll.

2014 Lectures on Cochetage according to Ekman (Fascial hook) at the MKmedica (Wrocław, Polen).

2004 – 2014 Head of the department of visceral osteopathy at the OSD.

2011 Training in radiesthesia and geomancy with E. Kalteiss in Prien (Chiemsee).

2010 Gentle myofascial fibrolysis using the hook technique (crochetage) in Germany and Poland.

2009 – 2010 Training in mobilization techniques of vascular and neural structures by Jean-Pierre Barral.

2008 Training in Gesret method: Treatment of asthma and other immunological diseases

2007 Parietalosteopathywith Laurie S. Hartmann.

2006 Training in newcranial acupuncture (on the foundations laid down by Yamamoto) with Dr. T. Yamamoto.

2005 Ekmann Therapy: “crochetage” with P. Duby in Brussels

2004 Chiropractic on the foundations laid down by Ackermann.

1994 – 2004 VPT-Academy Dresden (craniosacral therapy, pelvis).

2000 – 2002 VPT-Academy Dresden (craniosacral therapy, pelvis).

2001 – 2002 Osteopathic Academy Munich (OAM) (visceral osteopathy).

2002 Lectures for the Osteopathie Schule Deutschland (OSD) on visceral osteopathyand fascia in Germany, Italy, Poland and Belgium.

2003 Rudolph & Renate Schrottenbaums Institute for neuromusculuar regulation inErlangen: visceral osteopathy, Fascia, craniosacral osteopathy.

1997 – 2002 Continuous training in osteopathy at different schools. Dissection work at the University of Brussels, Heidelberg, Munich and Hamburg.

1996 Lectures and workshops for various conferences in Germany.

1991-1996 Training in osteopathy at the College Sutherland (Neu-Ulm). D.O. Degree.