Lacephalee.be – BOMT

As a result of meeting extraordinary people, I decided to spread knowledge on a larger scale through larger projects. So I decided to create “lacephalee”, the content of which was written together with collaborators. Following this project, I decided to create BOMT, a long-term manual therapy training course for physiotherapists.

The goal is to reach a wider audience and help everyone understand our role as physical therapists.


2015 – 2023


Creating courses and trainings in various centers

Training small groups of physical therapists is a cornerstone of my career. I started my career teaching courses on TMJ disorders, then on neck pain, and finally created specific course content for headaches. I also made various presentations at conferences. I have also been teaching English training courses for 4 years, which has enriched me a lot in terms of popularization and pedagogical synthesis.


2012 – 2023

Private practice for headaches and neck pains


Since the beginning of my career, I have dedicated myself to education specifically for orofacial management, taking courses in Orthopedic Manual Therapy as well as shorter courses on headache, TMJ disorders and chronic pain management and patient education.

For example: Watson Headache Courses, Copenhagen headache center course, Chad Cook, Toby Hall & Kim Robinson, Headache clinic course Gwen Jull