Creator and instructor of the “Pediatric Osteopathy Course in 0-14 Months Neonatal Environments” in April-May 2023 at “Osteopathy Pediatryczna Szkolenia” based in Krakow, Poland.
Informative lecturer in birth coaching courses starting from March 2021
– In the association “Adb Tuglie”

-In the gynecology office, “Dr. Mursaro

In November 2023, he taught at the “0-14 months Pediatric Osteopathy Course in the field of newborns” at Adım Adım school in Romania, based in Bucharest.
Since September 2019
Pediatric Osteopathy and Pregnancy Studio, Casarano (LE)

Osteopathy practice, Luino (VA)


Purposes: It is a complementary therapy that involves manipulating certain parts of the body so that the body finds a way to heal itself physically and also mentally; This discipline covers the musculoskeletal system, internal organs, ATM, neonatal, pregnant women, etc. It treats various problems. In the studio, babies and children are frequently treated for plagiocephaly, reflux, colic, torticollis, etc. We deal with various problems such as, and also those who are expecting a baby. moms with sciatica, lumbago, reflux and much more. Organizer and promoter of prenatal courses in two local associations.