Viscerosomatic and Somatovisceral Reflexes In Neurological Models of Osteopathy

16-17 May 2024

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    25 Participant

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    2 Days

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    250 Euro

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    Certificate of Participation



This Two day course will cover the following concepts and “hands on osteopathic techniques.”

• Use in Clinical Diagnosis, Assessment of Somatic Dysfunction and Models of Treatment as an Osteopathic Manipulative Approach to Practice

•Considerations of the the Autonomic Nervous System and Common Clinical Conditions

•Role Viscerosomatic Reflexes  with Chapman’s Neurolymphatic  Reflexes and the Autonomic Nervous System.

•Use of  Counterstrain Approach and other Types of Osteopathic Manipulative Treatments to Help Diagnose and Treat Visceral Conditions.

•Review of  Referral Patterns That Are  Related to Specific Segments that are Facilitated with Somatic Dysfunctions Related to Visceral Conditions.

•Models of Osteopathy to be considered with  “new approaches” based on theory and  recent evidence, osteopathic practice to be included in my Workshops.