Osteopatic Diagnosis and Treatment Methods In

Pediatric Problems

10-12 May 2024

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    25 Participant

  • Course Duration

    3 Days

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    390 Euro

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  • Outline of the pregnancy
  • Mechanics of childbirth and possible injuries
  • Childbirth processes
  • First hours after birth
  • Therapeutic approach of the osteopath
  • Principles and techniques (BLT, RECOIL, COMPRESSION, DIRECT TECNIQUE, MODELLING, etc.)
  • Embryology of the musculoskeletal system
  • Skull development and accretion movements
  • Development of the SNC
  • Cranial treatment in children
  •  SSB
  • Intraosseous techniques (occiput, sphenoid pre-post, temporal, maxillary, mandible, frontal, etc.)
  • Dynamic techniques for the development and treatment of the head, throat and pharyngeal arches
  • Treatment of the dural sutures
  • Treatment of the brain and spinal cord (central axis)
  • CV4 treatment (when to perform it and benefits)
  • Treatment of CV3
  • Membrane treatment
  • SNA and vestibular
  • Technique on the venous sinuses
  • Intrabuccal techniques
  • Bone and muscle dysfunction
  • Torticollis (hints, tests and techniques)
  • Primary and secondary plagiocephaly (dural lesions and adaptations, tests and techniques)
  • Scapular girdle and clavicle (hints, distant influences, tests and techniques)
  • The anterior thorax
  • Upper thoracic strait (correlation with thymus and mandibular development, tests and techniques)
  • Bone and muscle dysfunction
  • Lesions of the upper plexus
  • Excavated chest and osteopathy
  • Scheuermann’s disease and osteopathy
  • Osteopathic centers (C0-C1; C7-T4; T5-T9; T10-L2)
  • The pelvis
  • Valgism and variousness in the child
  • Foot equine varus
  • Premature
  • Background and pathophysiology
  • Dysfunction and associated techniques
  • Treatment and research considerations
  • Embryology and development of the cardiovascular and pulmonary system
  • Embryology and development of the gastrointestinal system
  • Visceral treatment in children
  • Viscero-somatic connections
  • Cranial-visceral and visceral-cranial relationship
  • Gastroesophageal reflux (descriptions and techniques)
  • Colic and constipation (descriptions and techniques)
  • The navel from the visceral osteopathic point of view
  • Breastfeeding (hints, dysfunctions and techniques)
  • Osteopathic respiratory problems (asthma, allergies, etc.)
  • Otitis media