Lyon Method for Scoliosis

07-09 June 2024

  • The number of participants

    25 Participant

  • Course Duration

    3 Days

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    350 Euro

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    100 Euro

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    Lyon Method Certificate



Lyon Method for Scoliosis

The Lyon method is the oldest in Europe. It was codified by Charles Gabriel Pravaz nearly 200 years ago in the book “New Method for the Treatment of Vertebral Deviations”. It has adapted to the evolution of technology with, in recent years, the digital transformation. Update books were written regularly, and I had the honor to co-write the last one 40 years ago. The main features of this method will be studied in this three days training with a greater emphasis on understanding the method, although many examples and typical sessions will illustrate the main principles.

The Lyon method traditionally combined PSSE with the new Lyon ARTbrace and more recently has combined PSSE with bracing alone with the new Lyon ARTbrace (Asymmetrical ResistantTorsion brace). Physiotherapeutic treatment includes 3D mobilization of the spine, opening of the ilio-lumbar angle (lombo-sacral scoliosis), patient education, and activities of daily living, including correction of the sitting position.

1st Session: Fundamentals

– History of the Lyon method (200 years)

– Biomechanics of the scoliotic spine (with tensegrity and bipedia)

– Etiopathogeny and Chaos theory

– 3D nature of AIS implication in the non-surgical treatment


– Scoliosis on a lifespan

– Kyphosis

– Spondylolisthesis

– Other thoracic & Lower limbs deformations

2nd Session:

Lyon Method

– Physiotherapy Principles

– the 12 basic exercises & physiological effect

– Lyon ARTbrace

– Results of the Lyon management

Practice, clinical cases

– Sagittal meter for Isostatic balance

– Results

– Management of Lyon method (Physiotherapy and bracing)

– Adults deviations (camptocormia…)

3 rd Session:

Practice, clinical cases

– Regional moulding in corrected position

– Processing, manufacturing, fitting,  check up

– Results


– Clinical cases

– in-brace physiotherapy

– Daily life with scoliosis

– Adult scoliosis